Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review 

Polar FT7  heart rate monitor REVIEWThe Polar FT7  heart rate monitor is a high-end health product. This type of monitor is designed to help people to monitor their heart rate, often for the purposes of checking their heart rate while working out.

This type of device can help you to reach fitness goals and make your work outs more scientific and even more fun. Today we’re reviewing the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitorand seeing what it involves, does, what’s good about it and what’s not. Read on to find out more.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

This monitor does just about everything and can provide some much-needed guidance when it comes to exercising.

  • It will help you keep track of how many calories that you burn and take your health regimen to a whole new level.
  • You can also take advantage of such features as the Energy pointer and more.
  • Using this monitor can help you reach goals and it will forward data to you with tremendous accuracy.

    Polar FT7  Features

    Continuous heart rate reading shows your heart rate without you having to press a button so you can focus on working out.

    Transmits data from chest strap to wrist watch in coded form using Polar OwnCode 5khz coded transmission (avoiding interference from other devices and letting it get accurate readings from your transmitter)

    Polar Ft7 Chest Strap

  • It Comes with Chest Strap and wristwatch: Comes with M to XXL chest strap fits 30 to 45 inches and works for most people
  • Energy Pointer feature lets you see whether your training is causing fat burning or fitness improvement, where you are operating, and how you are doing in general. If the mark is below the center Point you are burning fat and if it is above you are improving your level of aerobic fitness.
  • Heart Touch feature lets you have a button that sees readings and current time quickly just by bringing the watch near the chest strap to display the time before returning to the previous screen
  • Comfortable chest strap comes with soft fabric and takes your body shape for ease of use that is never uncomfortable (and it’s easy to maintain).
  • Strap is hand washable for easy use

    Key Benefits and Features

    1. Graphical target zone indicator feature lets you see what zone you are in graphically during a training session and help you get to the intensity zone you want as a result
    2. Easy maintenance
    3. Allows you to define target zone as needed and works for training when you set it to the beats per minute, the percentage of your max heart rate, or as a percentage of the heart rate reserve
    4. Comes with audible alarms, zone alarms that beep when you have crossed the set heart rate limit
    5. Comes with a warranty of two years, guide, batteries, chest strap
    6. Able to transfer your data to a computer through the Polar FlowLink, which is compatible with MAC, PC, and the website polarpersonaltrainer.com
    7. Allows the personal trainer site to act as your very own diary and helps you by not only visualizing the data but customizing your training regime
    8. Supports gymlink, which lets your device connect to high tech gym equipment that is compatible with it
    9. Memory allows for up to 99 files to be stored along with the weekly history

    Video Review

  • Customization and Flexibility

  • Large and easily read display comes with backlight and shows you the time and date
  • Set alarms on this device
  • Water resistant and you can use in the water while swimming, viewing readings but do not operate the buttons. Heart rate monitor will work down to 30 meters under the water.
  • This device supports a variety of languages, including English, Finnish, German, French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Pros

  • Display is easy to use and shows time and date, backlight is very useful when you are somewhere dark or in dim lighting
  • Easy to set alarms can be used whenever
  • Can be used in the water
  • com is a great resource for users to take advantage of in conjunction with this advice, well-done site, and free access is available for users who buy this product
  • Two-year warranty covers you for a good amount of time
  • Easy to maintain as chest strap can be washed at any time
  • Can set your own heart rate limit easily
  • Cons

  • Have to order a smaller size of chest strap if you need extra small or small separately
  • Users who want automatic settings for bpm, percentage max heart rate, or percentage of heart rate reserve should look into another model like the Polar FT60 and FT80
  • May not be able to hear alarms if you are in a loud or busy area or running outside
  • Must check view watch to check the rate of your heart
  • Volume and sound output can be low
  • Does not automatically come with FlowLink
  • Can be viewed under the water but is not able to go very deep and you cannot press the buttons
  • Conclusion

    This heart rate monitor is an excellent value for your money. With far more features offered than other heart rate monitors in its price range, you are paying for what you get here.

    People who love seeing their data will have to buy a separate accessory ( Flowlink) to transfer it online or to a computer, but that’s worth the effort if you are tracking your activity.

    The Polar FT7comes with a two-year warranty and also comes with the accessories you need to run it, including a training computer wrist watch, the heart rate sensor, chest strap, guide, and batteries.

    The features on this monitor are what really make it worth buying if you are into working out and want good features but not so many that it becomes complicated.

    If you want other features, there are other Polar models that can offer you that. Overall it’s a great buy that will help you train better and go further. Check it out for yourself as it’s a great deal for the price that you will be paying and will be worth the money in the long run.