Proform 995i Review: Folding

proform 995i review

proform 995i review: The proform power 995i treadmill can be just what you need to burn that extra fat or even maintain your fitness levels on a day to day basis. This one of a kind equipment comes with features and specifications that clearly set it apart from the rest of the pack. This includes a powerful motor, a tiltable track and even 30 built in exercises that can be just the thing to aid you in meeting your fitness objectives.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the notable features this exercise equipment has to offer.

Extremely powerful motor

Theproform power 995i treadmill comes with a powerful 3.0 CHP Mach Z that can enable you to run at top speeds of 12mph. It also automatically responds to the training inclinations you may have. From jogging, interval or speed training to even endurance runs. This motor also comes with a noise reduction functionality that works by keeping the internal parts of this treadmill sufficiently cooled.

Extra long tread belt

This exercise equipment comes with a 20” X 60” tread belt that is compatible with users of virtually any height. This belt also comes with the trademarked Proshox cushioning that effectively minimizes the impact of running on your joints by a remarkable 28% when compared to actually running on asphalt.

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30 built- in workouts

The proform power 995i treadmill comes programmed with 30 comprehensive workouts that you will simply adore. 20 of which are effectual calorie burning workouts and the remaining 10 are essential training routes that are powered by Google Maps. Each and every single one of these exercises can automatically adjust to your pace, incline and even decline, which will allow you to easily meet your fitness objectives.

15% incline control

This treadmill also features a 15% incline control. In essence, its deck can tilt by 15% which can significantly assist to alleviate the pressure exerted on your joints as you work out. With this fitness equipment you will able to burn much more calories rapidly, and develop or even hone you muscle tone.

iFit enabled

The proform power 995i treadmill is also iFit enabled and you will be able to access iFit Live. From where you can conveniently download an unlimited number of extra exercises created by industry certified personal trainers from across the globe. Further, iFit permits you to compete with other trainers on facebook and even draw routes of your choice straight from its console browser.

Wireless heart rate monitor

This product comes with pulse sensors that are built in into its handlebars to permit you to effortlessly track your pace.

Product description

The proform power 995i treadmill is a high quality exercise machine that runs remarkably smoothly. While also integrating a tiltable track that is also well cushioned that can enable you to achieve your fitness goals in a vey hassle-free manner.

Proform Power 995i Treadmill Review

Watch the video above to see the powerful features you will have access to when you buy the proform power 995i treadmill



• Well built and extremely durable.

• Powerful motor.

• Extra long tread belt.

• iFit enabled.


Some uses of this product have raised issues over the process of configuring the iFIt live adapter as this fitness equipment doesn’t come with a plugin receptacle for the iFit module.

Final Verdict

All in all, the proform power 995i treadmill integrates an exceptionally good construction with invaluable features and specifications that put it well ahead of the pack. At less than $1,000 you can begin to experience functionalities that most alternatives in this price range would be hard-pressed to deliver. Not to mention all the fun you get to interact and compete with likeminded individuals on facebook. To underscore its superiority this product has accrued a 4 out of 5 star rating on the Amazon online marketplace, and like the two reviews above most users are thrilled with it. Check it out now.