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How to Choose the Best activity tracker Watch

Whether you are doing your early morning run or on an epic endurance test, having the right running watch provides you the data you need to measure, track, and improve your performance.
Fitness tracker watches range from a basic timekeeper to classy microcomputers – however, should you spend £35 or £135 on the best Fitness tracker watch? What are countdown timers, altimeter functions, and tracking data?

Countdown Timers

Many modern tracking watches and normal stopwatches have countdown timer’s built-in, designed to use during different events and simple to use. These countdown timers are manually set to indicate the amount of time needed to count down and are useful from baking in the kitchen to speed running. You can also find them in electronic devices and once opened you set your required information, and it starts timing. Once the designated times reached, they normally make a sound advising you that the countdown has ended.

Altimeter Functions

Altimeter functions are very important if you are planning a hiking trip, or for those who are more daring for skydiving. While hiking in caves a barometric altimeter, with a topographic map, helps you to verify your location and most reliable compared to watches with GPS. In many circumstances, your Fitness tracker watch with GPS functions may not work while crawling through caves as the satellite signal may not be present. When using an altimeter watch it measures the atmospheric pressure and the most watches track altitude changes in 3 ft increments and display both sea-level readings and absolute air pressure.

Tracking Data

When working out you want to keep track of your movement whilst exercising from pace, heartbeat, calories, and more. This is where a tracking data feature is great. This feature allows you to collect important data in a timely ordered sequence of an individual location and you can transfer your data collected to an app providing you with all your information supplied in one place to view.
Many of you may now be thinking, “How to choose the best Fitness tracker watch?” Here you will find some great Fitness tracker watches to suit both your budget and your needs.

Choosing the Best Fitness tracker Watch

Choosing the best tracking watch all depends on what type of goals you are aiming to achieve. If you are not a person that races regularly, never does speed sessions, and run for pleasure, you most likely do not need a watch. However, some run a mile in less than five or even 12 minutes and like to verify their advancement at least once throughout a run.

The majority of these watches have basic features, however, some of the important features that you can look for are memory function (recording mile time in races or race times in speed sessions) and countdown timers. These two features are not essential, however, great to have and helps a great deal when you are doing repetitions.

To top that, many different watches offer you extra functions that are more useful than others are. These include a broad range from pacing options that you can set to beep at 150 times a minute to dual-time clocks.
You may think WHAT, they must be difficult to use, surprisingly not and are available with prompts on-screen advising you which mode is best to use and what happens if you keep holding a particular key down. Here you can find a plain English created guide to different watch functions below, to help you decide what is best suited for you.

Do not be dazzled by the functions and forget about the basics – think about the following, are the buttons easy to use while working out? is the watch display readable at arm’s length? Always remember that a Fitness tracker watch advising you that it is your mother’s birthday while exercising will make you hit the stop button and will not record your lap.

To sum up, the most suited watch that you will most likely prefer is one that has the following
• a stopwatch,
• is water-resistant,
• has an alarm and
• electroluminescent backlight (this light situated at the back of the screen and normally glows with bright blue light.)

Here you can find 8 best Tracking watches that we have reviewed:

Low- to mid-range Fitness tracker watches

Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS


  1. The Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS is a simple tracking watch that keeps track of how far and fast you run while counting calories.
  2. It comes with basic functions with a stand out feature the Virtual Pacer that allows you to record your current pace while setting a target.
  3. It is an easy to use Fitness tracker watch at an affordable price and great for beginners while still designed compact and stylish.
  4. As an added bonus, it is waterproof as well.


  • It does not come with many additional features, but the beauty of this watch is in its simplicity and practical functionality.

Nike+ SportsWatch GPS


  1. The Nike+ finds the GPS signal quickest and the fastest of all watches we have tried.
  2. Designed with style and waterproof with a “Tap to Lap” feature and comes highly recommended.
  3. It is a good entry-level Fitness tracker watch and easy to use.


  1. The only concern with this Fitness tracker watch is the fact that you cannot change the programmes while on the go and you need your computer to do this.
  2. It is limited “in run” mode, data and the ability of changing fields.

Higher end Fitness tracker watches

The Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS


  1. It offers you a great user interface and easy to use with GPS, touch screen, vibration alerts for auto lap after running one-mile intermissions, recording your pace & distance, heart rate, and more.
  2. The great thing about this Fitness tracker watch is the ability of using it while on the go and small enough to wear anytime of the day.
  3. Garmin offers you with wireless download and easy connect software and definitely my choice as a Fitness tracker watch!


  1. The only concern is the limited battery life while there had also been complaints that the tracking watch is not fully-waterproof.

High-end Multi-Sport models

Garmin Forerunner 910XT


  • The Garmin Forerunner 910XT is great for runners, cycling, indoor and open water swimming with some great features to track pace, elevation, distance, and great for a triathlon.
  • It also records speed/distance, strokes while swimming, and has excellent features offered by Garmin.


  • It is a bit on the bulky side where designs concerned making it hard to wear as a daytime watch with limited +- 20-hour battery life.
  • It only offers you with one profile setting and cannot share it with your partner.

The Wearable Heart rate monitors

The Chronograph/stopwatch times your runs in seconds & fractions of a second, minutes, and hours. In the cheaper models, you only find a start/stop button with a lap button that pauses, the display without you needing to stop the stopwatch – making it able for you to confirm your time at a mile indicator or at the end of a lap.

The majority of these watches are available with the screen splitting into two sections: the one-half shows your overall time while the other shows your existing lap time. With this functionality, you will need to work out your lap times in your head, and even with the slowest runner, you will still find that a built-in lap time is useful while training or running.

Excellent Memory Features

An excellent tracking watch stores data so that you can look at them later. These abilities vary at times depending on the fitness activity you are engaged in. In most cases fitness tracking watches allow you to programme several sessions within a limit.
When entering the memory recall mode, you find that each session has a header page displaying the date of your session and in some cases your overall time. Here you can choose your session you want to view, and scroll through it lap by lap. Other Fitness tracker watches highlights these sessions with your best lap while calculating your normal lap time. Once completing your view, you can choose if you want to cross out your session from the watches’ memory.
The majority of us only require a hundred-lap memory; however, you will be astonished how much you can load on these watches.

A Great Countdown timer

If you are a speed runner and prefer speed sessions rather than distance, you need a great countdown timer to help you. There are some sophisticated ones out there and to be honest, some of them are not even so great. Using a classic version works fine as it lets you set a single time with a choice:
• By having the timer beet and recur the countdown at the completion of the 1st cycle
• Beep and stop
• Beep and count upwards
If you are planning to run nonstop sessions of equivalent length exertions and recoveries, you will be pushing many buttons to make this timer functional, because it is so unalterable. You will need a device that lets you record different-length sections into related sequences, for example catering for a recurring session of 5-minutes fast work out, 2-minutes slow running is better.
If you are in need of a basic timer that can manage a good session, you need a fixed distance to cover this. Then you can run, for instance, 12 x 400m setting off every two ½ minutes. You do this, by setting the time into a constant buzz, and keep it running in the background by means of using the stopwatch mode to keep track of your time and laps run.

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