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As an active sports person you only need the best and this is what the Fitbit Surge ultimate fitness super watch offers you. A smart watch that is part GPS and part activity tracker while displaying text messages and receiving calls from your Smartphone it tracks while you run your daily run.

It includes some packed features with heart rate monitoring while helping with sleep tracking and calories burned.

Features and Benefits For You

  • The GPS watch tracks real-time stats and workouts
  • Provide multi-sport functionality, tracking every aspect of your training
  • Comes with smart watch features for running your day completely your way
  • Has 8 built in sensor technology with the best battery life
  • Monitors how long you sleep and how well you sleep
  • Helps take full advantage of your training, monitors calories burned, maintains intensity with an automatic heart rate monitor on your wrist
  • Comes with silent alarm, music control & notifications, and caller ID
  • Plus, it has GPS tracking
  • 5 ATM water resistant

This running watch is made for you to train smarter and go even further with its sleek design reaching your performance and every goal. Here you have everything you need to stay connected!

Fashionable Design

Designed with a smooth band and not as bulky as the most GPS watches available. You can choose from three different band sizes, from small, large, and XX-large. However, the band sizes do not influence the overall size of the watch itself.

Choose from three different colours Black, Tangerine, and Blue. The touchscreen is greyscale and always on, allowing you to glance at the screen while walking, running, or working out. The display is easy to read and the great thing about the screen is that even while you have sweaty hands the touchscreen is easy to use while swiping.

If you prefer training at night the running watch has a backlight that is set by default to auto mode helping to conserve battery life. At the back of the watch, you find two flashing green lights these are the optical heart rate sensors, that helps evaluate the regularity at which your blood flows 24 hours a day. You can disable this feature in the setting menu.

The GPS watch is water resistant and you can wear it while raining or taking a shower.

Living With Surge on Your Wrist

You can wear this running watch on either wrist and it will track your steps, distance travelled, heart rate, burned calories, and steps climbed. Another, great thing about the Surge is that you do not need to enter a special sleep mode when crawling into bed it does it automatically. However, if you are in need of viewing your results, you must synchronize it with the mobile or website app.

The Surge presents you with, a silent alarm that is great and you can set it with a gentle vibrate to wake up.

Training With The Surge

Not only does the Surge provide you with activity tracking it boast a great GPS tracking feature with all day heart rate monitoring. The running watch provides you with a wide range of exercise programs that include the following:

  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Weight lifting
  • Spinning
  • Elliptical and more

The workout programs show your calories burned and heart beats per minute on the screen while activities like cycling, hiking, and running ads data recorded via GPS function. The GPS connects within 30 seconds while in the proximity of high buildings.

While you are running, it will measure your distance and the total time of the workout and remains static on the screen to view. With an easy swipe you can rotate between current paces, beats per minute, calories burned, average pace, clock, and steps, however, are not customizable.

You can also pause, your workout and at the end of every workout it will display how long you have trained, your average heart rate, pace, elevation, distance, steps, and calories burned.

While you are running, the Surge automatically records your lap and time throughout your training.

Additional Features

In addition to providing you with active tracking, GPS tracking, and all day heart rate monitoring the Surge displays text messages received from your Smartphone, notifies you with ID calling and control your music while running. These features work on Android, iOS and Windows – however, Windows phones do not support the notifications and music control features.

Fitbit Applications

You can synchronize the Surge with the Fitbit app while choosing between four different watch faces, set activity goals, configure silent alarm, and view your tracking data. These applications are available on both iOS and Android phones and Windows. You receive a small USB connector for using on your computer automatically synchronizes the GPS watch with your Windows or Mac PC.


  • It provides you with an accurate heart rate monitor while running or walking
  • The design is not finicky while the straps, comfortable to wear
  • It provides an acceptable battery life of 3 to 4 days with quick charging times
  • The Surge provides you with different workout tracking modes from running on a treadmill, kickboxing and more
  • No need of an additional chest strap to monitor your heart rate
  • Easy to transfer data via IFTTT (a web-based service, also known as IF THIS THEN THAT) to other applications and via the Fitbit app


  • For some users the running watch is a bit on the bulky size and the suggestion is to try it on first before buying it
  • You cannot wear it while swimming
  • While others say that the battery life could be better
  • While others find synchronizing the device difficult as they say you cannot please everyone

Bottom Line

For a multisport person the Surge is a great option packed with superb features. Another great thing about this running watch is the fact that it is great for people who are trying their best to lose weight tracking your heart rate and calories burned and GPS tracking to use while running outdoors.

The watch is not small, however, the designs great and comfortable to wear. In addition, for you who enjoys a run at night the backlight provides enough light for you to be able to see on the available touchscreen. While using the GPS continuously it provides a great battery life up to three or four days at the most.

The Fitbit Surge may not be one of the most affordable running watches available, but packed with some great features to make your training life a little bit easier in reaching your set goals.

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