Deals on: GPS Running Watches: Best 2018 Fitness Trackers Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2018 was  a big success with many highly discounted sale on Fitbit, Germin,watches, heart rate monitors and bands.

Deals on: GPS Running Watches: Best 2018 Fitness Trackers Deals & Discounts

Fitbit Blaze vs the Fitbit Surge

It’s the battle of the fitness tracker watches! The Fitbit Blaze vs the Fitbit Surge each have their own benefits and advantages. The Fitbit Blaze is the first fitness tracker that is a watch and a fitness tracker and has proven itself to be a top of the line fitness watch. With an attractive design and software updates to improve fitness tracking ability, the Blaze is a great product for the price.

Then there’s the Fitbit Surge, the other Fitbit watch making waves! This fitness tracker watch builds upon a lot of what makes the Blaze great. There’s a slight price increase with this model, but both are really great, so if you’re in the market for a great fitness tracker that has those elements of a smartwatch and is truly functional, you can’t go wrong with selecting either.

There are a few differences between the two Fitbit models, however, and it’s always good to select the right one for you. We’re breaking down the pros and cons of each and comparing the two so that you can easily figure out which one you really like more. Read on to check out our Fitbit Blaze vs Surge review!


Fitbit Blaze Vs Fitbit Surge Review

Right off the bat, what are some differences between the Surge and the Blaze?

  • The Blaze is almost like a more polished version of the Surge.
  • If you’re looking for something that is more fashionable or similar to a smartwatch, you’d probably want to go for the Blaze.
  • The Blaze is slimmer and is going to provide that stylish look that doesn’t right away scream that it’s a fitness tracker.
  • It also has a full-color screen with a metal and angular finish.

Fitbit Blaze Vs Fitbit Surge Comparison

  1. Fitbit has been downplaying comparisons of the Blaze to the Apple watch, but the truth is it is similar in size and design.
  2. With a slim and interchangeable strap, the Blaze really does have a cool design,
  3. while the Surge has an elastomer band that many users did have skin irritation (although not everyone did, it’s something to be aware of).
  4. With the Blaze, you can customize a lot of your strap options, so users may prefer that.


Wide variety of choice of colour with Blaze Fitbit

The Blaze does come with its choice of different bands, however. You can choose from

  • blue,
  • plum, or
  • black bands, so there’s something for everyone.

In case you don’t like those, you can change it up and go for some other brand alternatives, such as metal link bands or leather bands, to name a few.

Key Differences between the Fitbit Surge vs Fitbit Blaze

  1. The Surge does not have a color touch screen and must be navigated using two buttons on the right and a button on the left, using the monochrome display to switch modes between activity and notification.
  2. Blaze tracks sleep stages; the Surge does not. With an advanced heart-rate sensor, the Blaze can sense which stage of sleep you are in and how long you spend in each cycle so you can check the next day.
  3. The Surge has only call and text notifications, whereas the Blaze has a much more advanced notification system that shows up on the screen with just a flick of the risk. You can even get a music control feature that lets you play music on your phone and control volume. The Surge does not have that– it does have music control, but it’s only available when you’re working out.
  4. What the Blaze doesn’t have is integrated GPS, but you can use the Connected GPS feature to connect to your phone and its GPS to measure distances. Whether this is worth it to you or not, we don’t know.
  5. Blaze does have on screen workouts from Fitstar as well as a pre-workout warm up program. You get something called Relax Guided Breathing with the Blaze, which the Surge doesn’t have.
  6. However, the Surge really beats the Blaze when it comes to the GPS system, with more running and cycling modes you can access without a phone.
  7. The Surge comes with activity tracking as well as multi-sport mode for classes you’re in or random activity.

The Surge is a great watch if you are a runner.

Its design reflects that, as it is sheathed in rubber and plastic. Drop this watch on the ground and it might just bounce off!

Blaze offers more Customization options than Surge:

The Blaze does offer more than the Surge when it comes to customization as well as looks, because the Surge can only be personalized on the digital watch face that shows up on your LCD screen. If you are a less is more type of person, this could actually be an advantage.

The Blaze tracks sleep, sleep stages, steps, calories, heart rate data, and active time for a good variety of stats and consistent data delivery. It uses the same tech as the Surge, but they both have an issue with high-intensity training where they were slow to display readings.

Different Colour Options with Surge Fitbit

The Surge is available in a nice array of colors that include

  • blue,
  • black, or
  • tangerine.

Whether you’re a guy or a woman, you can certainly find something that works for you within that scheme.

It comes with a monochrome 1.25 inch LCD touch screen, whereas the Blaze has a 1.66-inch LCD color screen that is 240 by 280 and comes with crisp visuals.


The one thing both of these models have in common is that

  1. they are both technically water resistant, but not water proof. You really will not be able to bring them into the water, but if you are running or working out in the rain they should be fine.
  2. You may also find that the large buttons on the Surge are actually better for you to use while working out. The software is nice, too; you can move quickly through screens while navigating.
  3. The Blaze looks cool, but you might find that you have difficulty while you’re trying to navigate it and sweating too during a workout and doesn’t offer that much more new in features.
  4. They both can track a number of activities that include yoga, Zumba, and more. These only come with tracking of calories, heart rate average, and time as well as the stopwatch, which is usually enough.



Fitbit Surge Review

– Great aesthetic and design
– Activity tracking, multi-sport mode
– Easy to navigate
– Tons of great stat tracking

– Does not track sleep
– Need phone to have GPS
– Not waterproof
– Only call and text notifications

Fitbit Blaze Review

– LED touch screen with color
– Easy to use, seen in any light
– Modern looking
– Pure Pulse technology
– FitStar App built in
– Enhanced Idle Alert
– Smart Track recognizes activity moves for improved stats


– Not waterproof

Battery life of both Surge and Blaze

Blaze: 5 days and nights full battery life until needing a charge.
Surge: Claims 7 days or more, unless using GPS and other features (possibly 5 days or less)

Both: 1 hour to get back to full charge


Blaze: Small docking cradle
Surge: Small charging cable, clips into back

Final Thoughts

Inevitably, you’ll be drawn to one of these models over the other precisely because they are so different. If you’re a runner and GPS is important to you and you don’t want to have to resort to your phone, the Surge may be more right for you. Exercise class takers and people who like a more sophisticated-looking tracker may look more favorably upon the Blaze.

TheBlazehas a sleek design and focuses on short bursts of exercise, sleep tracking, breathing, and more. It offers a variety of looks and customizable bands, looking more like a fancy watch than a tracker. The Surge has the benefit of GPS and may in the end appeal to the fitness nut more than the Blaze. It’s also more rugged and durable. You can’t wear it around the clock, but generally, the Surge is our winner here in the battle of the Fitbit trackers.


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