Black Friday Garmin Forerunner Deals 2018

Black Friday Garmin Forerunner Deals 2018

The Black Friday Garmin Forerunner Deals 2018. Are you an active runner looking for more bangs for your buck while in training? Well, what happens when you combine an activity tracker with a GPS running watch? You get a daily activity monitoring Garmin Forerunner GPS Running Watch suited for only you.

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Black Friday Garmin Forerunner Deals 2018


Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS Watch Review

This budget friendly GPS watch with Vivofit activity tracker a must on your list available for you. Buy this watch with or without a heart rate monitor in different colour designs to choose, from the large black/blue or red/black, or are you looking for a smaller running watch available in teal/white, white/violet or green/black!

Here you can settle for an activity tracker, tracking distance travelled, calories burned, and steps taken with exceeding GPS technology.

Superb Features

  • Provides activity tracking counting your steps, calories, and reminds you when it is time to start moving
  • Tracks your distance, heart rate, calories, and pace
  • Provides up to 8 hours of battery life while used with GPS
  • Compatible with a foot pod while recording your distance indoors
  • Plan, share, and save all performances at Garmin Connect
  • 5 ATM water rating
  • High sensitivity receiver
  • Virtual Pacer compares your current pace to targets
  • Auto Pause, Auto Lap, and customizable screen while shock resistant

If you are looking for features the FR15 is loaded with some of the best running features to keep you on track with your calories, heart rate, sleep monitoring and much more – makes a great companion while training!

Traditional Sports Design

The FR15 is not going to win you fashion awards, but provides you with some great additional features and improved battery life. The larger watch weighs 43 grams while the smaller model only weighs in at 36 grams.

The display sizes differ from each other as the larger watches display size is 25 x 24mm, while the smaller version is only 21 x 20mm. Both sizes provide you with a display resolution of 55 x 32 pixels. The running watch is simple to use as it only has four buttons: 2 on the right side and 2 on the left. These help you to navigate through the settings and available options.

Here you can use the top right-hand side button to activate GPS functionality and running mode while the bottom right buttons available for you to scroll through the different menus for seeing your distance, pace, running history, workout time and watch settings. The GPS running watch stores up to seven activities before it deletes the oldest activity with a more recent one.

Another great feature for you is the backlight and great to use while training at night!

One of The Foremost Trackers

The Forerunner 15 GPS watch is one of the foremost trackers you can find, the only problems is that it does not have Bluetooth connectivity, making synchronizing to the Garmin Connect a bit of a hassle. You need to connect the watch to your computer when uploading workouts.

The FR15 stores your personal records as your fastest mile, best run and more, informing you if you have set a new record. For interval training, it has a run/walk feature setting your own time in how long you would like to run or how slow you would like to walk alerting you throughout your training.

Virtual Pacer and More

With the Virtual Pacer, you can set your pace during a run and alerts you if your pace is either too fast or slow. While the Heart Rate alert, notifies you when your heart rate is below or above your set HR. Another, great thing that you will like about this GPS running watch is the Auto Lap and Auto Pause features.

The Auto Pause automatically stops the running watch when you stop and resumes when you start running while the Auto Lap features alerts you when you have reached a new mile, including your normal pace.

Not only does the watch provide you with GPS tracking, but allows you to use it as a normal sports watch by disabling the GPS feature and only using it in timer mode. However, you should note without the GPS function you would not be able to track your distance and pace.

As an activity tracker the FR15 is straightforward with an accelerometer detecting the steps you take, distance travelled, estimated calories burned and include step goals that automatically adjust on your previous performance.


Similar to other Vivofit features the GPS running watch will notify you with a move alert when it finds that you are lazy. This great feature reminds you to become livelier, especially when you are relaxing on the couch too long and does not have a silent alarm feature that may become annoying for some.


  • Has a solid construction with large screen making reading easier while running
  • The run/walk features are great for interval training
  • The software provided is easy to use
  • Connecting to the heart rate monitor strap is straight forward
  • Synchronizing and charging the running watch works well
  • GPS functionality works great depending if you have large skyscrapers around you it may take a little while to connect


  • No wireless function makes the synchronizing to the Computer a chore
  • Not suitable for day wear, but more for training


As a runner you can ask for not more than this budget friendly GPS running watch with its waterproof design, supports 20 different languages and activity tracking. As a casual runner or the more advanced runner, you receive some great features packed into this watch. It has a stylish design but not suitable for daily wear.

The running watch may lack Bluetooth, but excels in almost everything else when you look for a training companion. The GPS watch is affordable and even supports a heart rate monitor with an excellent battery life! Choose your own colour and design available either with the HRM or without. Styled in large to small and will make the best training partner, you have ever laid your eyes on.