Garmin Forerunner 910xt GPS Watch-Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 910xt GPS Watch-Heart Rate Monitor

You are an athlete training hard every day in reaching your goals. On the other hand, maybe you are a triathlete in need of assistance while training for the next triathlon – we have the best GPS Running watch available for you right here the Garmin Forerunner 910XT!

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Why do you need this running watch? Well, because it is the flagship of the Garmin range made to help you monitor all your activities while training with countless apps, trackers, recording a variety of your body metrics, and more.

Designed for you to take part in more than just running, this running watch does not have an identity crisis and a high-performance device intended for you!

This Watch Will Charm You

The FR910XT is the best running watch and great for you as you take part in endurance sport and includes some of the best features that will benefit only you:

  • Via the Barometric Altimeter it tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate while on land, and elevation
  • Monitors and records stroke type, pool lengths, stroke count, distance and efficiency
  • Provides a 20-hour battery life
  • Water resistant to 50 m
  • Transfers data to Garmin Connect™ via wireless connection for analysis and sharing
  • Vibration alert
  • GPS enabled

This running watch is a triathlon assistant that will help you to become the next Iron Man or Women bringing home the trophies at every competition. However, if you are only starting out as an athlete this Garmin running watch provides a great wealth of collecting data taking your training to the next level.

What You Receive

From receiving the FR910XT running, watch you receive the manuals, USB charging clip, USB ANT+ stick, and hear rate strap in two parts and three different power plugs for UK, Euro, and USA.

Slim Design

The FR910XT GPS watch consists of a black rectangular slim design packed with the best available technology. The gadget is not considered as a daily time peace, but more of a device to assist you with your training.

As a triathlete, you will appreciate this running watch with its smooth line while slipping it over a wetsuit with the screen suited for displaying multiple fields with visible large text and a display size of 33 x 20 mm. The display is easy to read during bright sunlight providing you with four different data fields even while in training.

The backlight is bright and automatically lights up while training, advising that it is time to start your next interval. Customize your display fields so that it only shows the data you find worthy of using – available with any metric you can find, from pace and standard distance, highly developed metrics like Total Stress Score, left/right power balance and Intensity Factor

Different Modes

Starting up the FR910XT is fast and once the GPS functions used it acquires your position mostly in a 3-minute timeframe. You receive four different modes from swimming, running, cycling, and other and selecting them is easy by holding the mode button.

The device provides you with optional on-screen map that is disabled by default and only shows your path. If you are planning on using a defined course where to go you will need to bring your trusty old phone along with you for mapping.

Garmin Connect and Profile

The Garmin Forerunner 910XT supports ANT+ wireless for connecting additional accessories that include foot pods, cycling power meters, heart rate monitors, ANT+ scales, cycling speed/cadence sensors and mostly treadmills and spinning bikes.

All these functions you can access through the watch without needing your computer, and by uploading your data via your computer to Garmin Connect you can receive an in-depth analysis on your progress. Here you can define workouts and courses and sent it to your running watch.

Workouts and training

Any workout that you can think of is available for you on this best running watch from warm ups, rests, intervals, heart rate speed/pace goals, distance goals, cycling power goals, cool downs and more. With indicating interval changes, it uses climbing or down tones advising you to speed up or slow down.

Superb Virtual Racer

Not only does this GPS watch have a Virtual Racer that runs a steady pace for the length of your activity while displaying how far in advance or behind you are – but also allows you to choose earlier activities or someone else’s activity and you can race the exact course. The Virtual Racer adjusts instead of maintaining a steady pace and tells you how fast you are running at the point in time.

Racing and Swimming

When in swim mode, you can choose pool length and the sensors track your strokes while counting laps and measuring each stroke you do efficiently. It tells you the difference between major swimming strokes and the better swimmer you become, the more accurate the device is. Moreover, the best feature of all it provides GPS while open water swimming as well as supports multisport modes, allowing you to pre-define your activities.


  • The 910XT is robust and reliable
  • All features work brilliantly
  • Great to use while running, cycling and swimming
  • Provides recording enabling you to track your training in reaching your goal


  • The GPS watch struggles a bit to identify swimming style and as it is based on using accelerometers they are prone to errors
  • There is no lack of great features, but the manual to some is a nightmare and best to explore the watch while in training

Bottom Line

This watch is made for you – it is easy to use, provides excellent display with custom workouts. While the swim metrics make this Garmin Forerunner, 910XT, and great for you to take part in Multisport. The Virtual Race modes are extremely helpful improving your training and reaching set goals. As a triathlete this running watch may be a bit on the pricey side, but with all its packed features and the best available technology what more can you ask for! This running watch is highly recommended by many users with an excellent rating, and one of the most preferred watches when it comes to functionality.