Garmin Women’s Forerunner 10 GPS Watch Reviews

Garmin Women’s Forerunner 10 GPS Watch Reviews

When we think of GPS watches, we think of running! You are starting out with a running program; there is one important thing that you need to remember when setting out a running program. It is crucial to track your progress.

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You need to know where you need to improve your training, where to slow down, and how far you are from achieving your goal. If you have started running without setting some sort of target, then stop! You need goals to drive your success. Set up your target now!

Now, that you have set up your targets you need a quality data tracker like the Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch to help you with monitoring your progress?

This entry level running watch features great functionality to sizing and smaller than most other Garmin watches. However, if you are looking for an affordable GPS watch that is more robust than training with your Smartphone – this line will open up new options for you.

As a runner, you need to be able to receive great functionality with current pace tracking and easy to export data to your preferred programs available online. Well, let us dig a little bit deeper and find out what the Garmin Forerunner 10 has to offer you.

Highlights of the FR10

  • Display Resolution of 55 x 32 pixels
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Life while used in watch mode 5 weeks; training mode 5-hours
  • 5 ATM Water rating
  • GPS enabled
  • High-sensitivity receiver
  • Maps & Memory
  • Garmin Connect ™ compatible

For the everyday runner, Garmin has a great entry-level assistant the Garmin FR10 packed with advanced software, this model is sure to make you a great runner while tracking all your personal data! This GPS watch may not be the top of the line in the Garmin range, but is the best choice for you when in need of both performance and balance between prices. Let us take a close look as to why this entry-level running watch should be on your wrist!

Elegant Design

Primarily, the Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch is available for both men and women and designed with style in mind and only weighs 43g in the man’s design and 36g in the women design. When looking at the running watch for the first time, it is hard to identify that the device is a GPS enabled watch.

The FR10 not only has a great form-factor, but also very light and comfortable to wear with day and night wear. The FR10 is available in pink, violet, and green and black making it able to choose your colour of choice.

The running watch features a display resolution of 55 x 32 pixels and available with different display sizes:

  • Orange/Black and Black/Red 2.5 cm x 2.4 cm
  • Violet/White, Green/White and Pink/White 2.1 cm x 2.0 cm

Not only is this GPS watch designed for you with style it comes available with a rechargeable battery and USB connectivity to make your personal data transfers to the Garmin Connect™ so much easier to share with friends and family while viewing your tracking in reaching your goal.

Easy Menus to Use

The FR10 has a simple navigation menu when compared to most other Garmin GPS watches and simple for you to use making it a plus. The Garmin Forerunner 10 only has four buttons – these buttons serve the following purposes:

  • The top left button for the backlight,
  • The top right button serves to start a workout and functions as the menu key,
  • The bottom left button is a back button,
  • The bottom right button is used to scroll through the menu,

Best Fitness Tracker

If you are not a data junkie and starting out as an entry-level runner like you, the FR10 provides you with you with two data screens, each screen displays only two data fields; however, the display consists of large text and easy to read.

The GPS watch has 6 data field combos available on each screen:

  • Time and Distance,
  • Time and Pace,
  • Time and Calories,
  • Pace and Distance,
  • Pace and Calories,
  • Distance and Calories,

The GPS watch supplies you with a choice of choosing two of these running options from the data fields menu available on the watch! The watch additionally provides you with sampling of data and customized with a Pace field in the Run Options menu configured to show current pace, average pace, speed pace, lap speed, and average speed.

You are limited to choose one data field, and cannot have one data screen showing your current pace and another average pace. The other menus include history menus allowing you to examine your information from each run while the recording menu records your fastest time that you have run.

In the Run Options menu, you can find a Virtual Pacer allows you to set your target pace and alerts you if you stray, while the Run-Walk/Interval option provides you with the option to set run times and walk/recovery times. The lower left button allows you to turn it on/off manually during a workout.

Accurate GPS

With the embedded GPS functionality, you will find no problems when used indoors or outdoors. It accurately maps your workouts, however, does sometimes take a little while to grab hold of signal locations.

With the press of one button found at the top-right of the watch, it starts to look for a signal depending on where you are running and tall buildings may be an obstacle for the device.

Garmin Connect

As previously mentioned the GPS watch connects to your PC by means of a USB cable that fits firmly into position on the rear of the running watch making it simpler for you to use. This allows you to connect to Garmin Connect to view your elevation profile.

Other Main Utilities

As an entry-level watch with some outstanding features, it has some other important utilities to help you in achieving your running goal as it tracks your calories, pace and distance. You will find the FR10 simple to use as easy as pressing one button and starting to run while identifying your personal records. Moreover, you can replace your current band with different available Forerunner® Bands sold separately.


  • The FR10 GPS is affordable and one of Garmin’s cheapest watches made
  • The running watch has a water resistance up to 1 meter submerged in water
  • The watch is easy to use with Virtual Pacer, and Run/Walk programming
  • Available with Garmin Connectivity
  • The GPS watch has a small design, especially in the women range


  • The two different sized charging docs available could be a pain as the watches differ for men and women
  • Only supplies you with one profile setting per watch
  • Not ANT+ compliant for connecting to HRM on indoor treadmills


Your tracking for an affordable priced GPS watch ends here! Personified with great tracking menus and the latest technology in GPS, Garmin Forerunner 10 is a great entry-level running watch for you. Offering you superb reliability and performance, you expect from a running watch in this price range. The stylish, ergonomically design and inexpensive price tag make this watch the one you have been looking for a while. The majority of customers who have bought this watch are pleased with its performance, providing some great positive reviews. For that reason, it comes highly recommended if you are looking for a durable, efficient, tracking device without breaking your budget!