The All In One Microsoft Band GPS Watch Reviews

The All In One Microsoft Band GPS Watch Reviews

As a dedicated fitness junkie you are looking for the best available fitness band with great additional features – this is where the All In One Microsoft Band GPS Watch brings you great technology into being both a smart fitness band, GPS watch with tons of fitness modes.

What more can you ask for even better it comes with download work out programs while providing you with important notifications more than some smart watches provide.

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Benefits and Features Of The Microsoft Band

  • The fitness band helps you achieve your goals in tracking heart rate, calories burned, sleep quality and steps
  • It provides you with a GPS enabled running map for hiking, running, and cycling
  • With the Microsoft health app you can view all your training data
  • Works with iPhone, Windows, and Android making it awesome for multiple platforms
  • Notifies you with calendar alerts and email previews
  • While cycling track your speed, elevation and distance

Small Design

When you look at the Microsoft Band, it looks like a handcuff – however, it is comfortable and small at the same time. It comes with a wide OLED touch colour screen and displayed on the top of the fitness band. It is easy to navigate through the screens with 2 buttons found on the side for turning on the display and activating exercises, sleep tracking, and workouts.

There are three size options available small, medium, and large and only available in one colour black/purple. The fitness band includes a magnetic charger adapter that easily snaps in place. The GPS watch is always in on mode and does not turn on automatically.

Fitness Tracking

The Microsoft Band will become your best training partner above all the smart watch features such as Twitter, Facebook, and text and call notifications with weather updates included. Not only does this running watch track your steps, travelled distance, burned calories, sleep, it also has 24-hour heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking.

Whether you are planning to lose some weight to being an experienced fitness junkie the mobile app provides you with dozens of workouts informing you of reps you need to do with countdown and rest time. You receive some great instructional videos helping you on your way in synchronizing the fitness band with the available Microsoft Health app.

You can find workouts for beginners, intermediary and experienced athletes, designed to suit you. These will help you improve your muscles and train for your first 5K run.

Taking A Closer Look at Recorded Runs

With the basic exercise mode activated the fitness band tracks your heart rate, duration of your workout, and calories burned.

While as a running watch the GPS tracking is fast with a strong signal while running and offers you a pedometer to track running and walking with an accurate reading. During your run your duration, current heart rate, and calories burned are displayed.

To see your distance and pace you only need to swipe the screen to view your data. Once completing your run you can view calories burned, your max heart rate & average heart rate, distance and average pace. To view your detailed information from elevation, profile, detailed map runs you need to access it via the mobile app.

The tracker automatically marks a lap you have run and does not include advanced features as auto pause or interval training. Most of the features need to be done manually and not automatic from the sleep mode, UV levels, UV sensing, walk and run requires you to use the provided buttons.

Applications on the running watch can be customized or removed and has 13 available slots for different applications.

Synchronize With The Microsoft Health App

You can install the Microsoft Health app on your iOS or Android phone and has a clean, easy to use interface from your calorie goals, the miles walked; sleep activities, and steps taken. Here you can view your daily progress. For adjusting the goals or setting, you tap the pencil-shaped icon. Here you set up basic calorie goals and basic steps.

The fitness band provides you with ample of notifications from your Twitter, Facebook, weather, text, mail, calendar appointments, and incoming calls. Moreover, if you are a Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 user, you receive additional Cortana connectivity. This built in microphone listens to the notes you take while on your phone with such actions.

While using your fitness band with GPS features turned on while running for 20 minutes and daily activity tracking the battery life lasts about 50 hours. With continuous GPS use, you may have 5 hours of battery life.


  • The GPS watch works great with Android, iOS, and Windows phones
  • Sync it to your phone to view all your personal training data
  • No need of using a HRM waist band as you receive heart rate monitoring on your wrist
  • Provides accurate training readings
  • Has a clear screen with visible text
  • Built in GPS
  • Great workout programs


  • Screen scratches easily
  • Not waterproof
  • Battery life can be perfected as it does not last long


Are you a runner, looking for a smart band providing you with the versatility the Microsoft Band is most definitely a smart watch and fitness-tracking device? With its modern design and different sizes to choose, the band fits comfortably around your wrist while providing you with 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

This packed technology device provides you more than just training and is your personal diary, training partner, secretary advising you on incoming calls and messages. Use it during the night to track your sleep pattern and heart rate, calories burned and view all your personal data via your phone. If you need more than just fitness in your active life, you will find this running watch & fitness band one great device to have by your side.

Many customers are pleased with the running watch and recommend it highly as a versatile fitness band with GPS tracking at an affordable price. Make this  All In One Microsoft Band GPS Watch  your next and best training friend.